Lea, my shooting star


This morning, Theo’s parents come back home without Lea, his siter. Theo notices that they are crying.

“Where’s Lea? Why are you crying?”
“She’s gone to the stars.”
“To the stars? What does that mean? When is she coming back?”

A story full of emotions where we will follow the life of the “parangels*” through the eyes of the big brother, Théo. How is he going to deal with the loss of his sister? Will life ever go back to normal? Is happiness still something possible?

* parangels is the contraction between parents and angels and refers to parents who lost a child.

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This story is for children who lost a brother or a sister that left for the stars. No matter the cause, death is an ordeal for us adults but also for the siblings. Drowned in our grief, we quickly forget that the child, whatever his/her age, also suffers our grief and emotions. This book is a message of hope for all these “parangels*”. Life goes on and what better hope we can give to our kids but decide to live and not to give up. A children book on perinatal mourning.

* parangels is the contraction between parents and angels and refers to parents who lost a child.

About us:

bertrand gimonet

I’m a dad and I’ve got four children. I discovered the life of “dangel*” after the loss of my second child, Tom, 7 years ago. I saw my eldest learn to live with his missing brother, to discover the meaning of what death is and why his little brother left for the stars. In writting this book, I wanted to propose a tool to help parents to deal with their children about perinatal mourning.

*« Dangel » is the contraction between « dad » and « angel »

I’m truly honored that Bertrand called on me again to illustrate his second book. Working for years through my illustrations to raise awareness about perinatal bereavement, I put my heart and soul into the drawings of this book. I hope that it’ll help many brothers and sisters angels through their mourning, and that the “parangels” will guide their children on this journey. Well done Bertrand for this beautiful and useful book. Korrig’Anne.

Informations complémentaires

Poids 0,144 kg
Dimensions 15 × 19 cm

0,144 kg


19 x 19 cm




From 6/8 years old.




Perinatal mourning, loss of sister, hope


Publishroom Factory


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