Tom, a shaken baby, is going to school


Tom, a big six-year-old boy goes to school for the first day of his first grade armed with his crutches; a special day for that baby who was shook at the age of four months. How will Simon and the others react when they’ll see him? Is Tom going to make friends?

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This book is a prevention message about Shaken Baby Syndrome and above all, a message of hope for all those who were wounded by the life.

About us:

bertrand gimonet

I am the father of four children. I discovered the Shaken Baby Syndrome on the day my son TOM was shaken at the age of four months because of his childcare assistant. Rattled by this tragedy, I committed myself to the prevention in order to fight against Shaken Baby Syndrome with the state services, the media and associations.

My name is Anne, I am the mother of two children and I have been an illustrator since 2013. I draw on parenthood since my beginnings, but also more specifically on the subject of perinatal mourning. I am honoured to take part in Bertrand’s book and to help raise awareness about Shaken Baby Syndrome.

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Dimensions 17 × 17 cm



From 6/8 years old.




disability,, shaken baby, friendship


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